5KG Fujiyama Staple (L)

5KG Fujiyama Staple (L)


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FUJIYAMA is composed of all natural ingredients for healthy Koi keeping. The all-natural food contains no artificial dyes. FUJIYAMA is composed of top quality fishmeal, especially tasty for Koi. FUJIYAMA Easily digestible and the pellets have the right size to easily eaten by the koi.

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Staple Food
This product is staple food, because this product includes all of the vital nutrient for koi. This food is suitable for maintenance for every day.

Good Balance
This product is formulated with high quality fishmeal, feed oil and grains in a good balance. And this food is low energy food which accelerates appetite and keeps good shape.

Health Food
Stress is one of the cause of the disease. This food is enriched with stable “Vitamin C” which reduces stress. This food protects koi from a pathogen by an effect of “Seaweed Powder” and “Vitamin C”.

Because this pellet keeps shape for long time in the water, this food doesn’t deprave the water quality.



Protein: 30%

Fat: 5%

Fiber: 5.6%

Ash: Max: 6.9%

Phosphate: 0.7%

Calcium: 0.4%


A: 10,000IU/kg
D3: 1,000 IU/kg
E: 200mg/kg
C (stable): 150mg/kg

Weight 5 kg
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