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Exclusive Japanese Koi

original-niigata-koi You’ve discovered the premier Koi pond supply and source of quality Koi fish in Cyprus.  We offer top quality imported Japanese Koi for sale.  We stock different varieties such as  Kohaku, Sanke, Showa and Shiro Utsuri.  Other varieties are available on request.  Click here to visit our Japanese Koi pages.

Through our relationships with top Koi breeders in Japan, we offer not only the finest Japanese Koi but everything for your Koi from Koi food and pond supplies to actually building your dream Koi pond!

Whatever quality of Koi you are looking for we will have something suitable. 

JPD Koi Food – Food for Champion Koi

In recent years, Narita Koi Farm has dominated the show scene in Japan.

Narita Koi Farm specialises in sourcing and caring for high quality show koi. For a number of years now, at the All Japan and All Japan Young Koi Shows, Narita Koi Farm have conditioned 1/3 of all entries and have won numerous Grand Champion titles with fish conditioned at their facility.

The use of JPD koi food has enabled Narita Koi Farm (along with many others) to achieve all round great results.  Gaining excellent growth during the summer months and conditioning throughout the cooler months leading up to shows.

JPD Koi Food Cyprus